Laboratoire Dr.Renaud PURE Overnight Youth Concentrate

$98.00 CAD

The revolutionery cosmetic alternative to anti-aging surgical techniques. Night concentrate to restore facial features and provide advanced plumping

During the night, your skin works actively at renewing and repairing itself. This exceptional anti-ageing elixir with a velvety texture provides the skin with the essential nutrients for repair during the night, when it is most receptive. Combining the power of Kronoxyl-9, an exclusive anti-ageing complex, with that of hyaluronic acid and Tasmanian pepper extract, PURE Overnight Youth Concentrate smoothes the skin and erases signs of fatigue night after night for a younger-looking skin in the morning.

It is characterized by the following actions:

Instant replumping action
Youthful, anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging action
Anti-ageing corrective action
Immediate calming and soothing action
Intensely replenished, the skin looks fresh and rested, features are smoothed, and the complexion is radiant.